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Friday 27th March - Challenge 5


Thursday 26th March - Challenge 4

Wednesday 25th March - Challenge 3

Tuesday 24th March - Challenge 2

 Mrs McClellan is buying some presents for the other teachers at school. She paid £21 for five presents. 

Use the clues to work out the costs for each present.

For A and B she paid a total of £6.

For B and C she paid a total of £10.

For C and D she paid a total of £7.

For D and E she paid a total of £9

Helpful hint - trial and error will help you.


Extra Hint! Added Tuesday lunch time - try making lists of all the pairs of numbers that make 6, 10, 7, 9 and look for common numbers between each one.

Monday 23rd March - Challenge 1



Join any four numbers and find their total (add them together). Joins can go up, down or sideways but NOT diagonally.

8                  15                        6                        9


14               13                       18                     20


18               17                       2                        5


3                  15                       19                     6  

Can you find the highest possible score?

Can you find the lowest possible score?


Now try joining 5 numbers, only using diagonal joins.

Use the guestbook to submit your answers.



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Annaliese (5M).(about a day ago)

a) 30, 45, 62, 71, 98. b) 7, 42, 63, 98, 105. c) 2, 54, 67, 83, 109.

Mr Poole(about a day ago)

Hi Max, great work but would be write a zero in front of the two as a place holder? Does one of your prime numbers need to be three-digit like on Question B?

Max 6M(a couple of days ago)

Really enjoyed this challenge. A. 30/12/48/69/57 B. 7/105/42/98/63 C. 02/53/61/89/47

Max (6p)(a couple of days ago)

15 5 35 45 65 14 21 28 35 42 List five numbers that are a multiple of 2

Max (6p)(a couple of days ago)

1.15 2.13 3.2 4.8 5.7 6.5 7.4 8.8 9.13

Mr Poole(a couple of days ago)

Glad you liked today's challenge Max. Loving your own questions to ask and your answers to them. Keep up the fantastic effort with my challenge for tomorrow. Good luck!

Riley M 6P(a couple of days ago)

1. 6, 2. 3, 3.-8, 4. 6, 5. 7, 6. 5, 7. 3, 8. 8, 9. 4

Annaliese (5M).(a couple of days ago)

Answer to Evie, Lewis and Zak's questions: Q1) 18m. Q2)6m. Q3)8m.

Annaliese (5M).(a couple of days ago)

Questions- Q1)How deep is the coral? Q2)How deep is the purple and blue fish? Q3)How many meters apart are the octopus and the top of the light house?

Evie, Lewis and Zak(a couple of days ago)

Maths light house questions we created: 1- How many metres is it in total from the bottom of the sea to the top marking on the lighthouse? 2 - How deep are the baby fish? They're swimming behind a parent. 3 - How much higher is the cloud from the largest fish in the sea? Please type to answer our challenging questions.

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