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Friday 27th March 2020


Some Tripods and Bipods flew from planet Zeno.

There were at least two of each of them.


Tripods have 3 legs.                                                                                      

Bipods have 2 legs.

There were 23 legs altogether.


How many Tripods were there?

How many Bipods were there?


Find two different answers.


Helpful Hint: it might be good to list the times tables or draw some pictures of the Tripods and Bipods to help.


Thursday 26th March 2020

Dan the Detective

  1. Dan the detective looked for a number.

He found a two-digit number less than 50.

The sum of its digits was 12.

Their difference was 4.

What number did Dan find?


  1. Dan found a two digit odd number.

One of its digits was half the other.

The number was greater than 50.

What number did Dan find?

Wednesday 25th March 2020

 Rows of Coins

Take 5 coins: 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p.  

Put them in a row using these clues.

  1. The total of the first three coins is 27p.
  2. The total of the last three coins is 31p.
  3. The last coin is double the value of the first coin.    

Take six coins; 2 x 1p, 2 x 2p and 2 x 5p.  

Put them in a row using these clues.

  • Between the two 1p coins there is one coin.
  • Between the two 2p cons there are two coins.
  • Between the two 5p coins there are three coins.

Take a picture of your coins lined up and email them to

Added challenge, what if you take two 10p coins as well, and between them are four coins. 

You could create your own problem with clues to help someone solve it.

Tuesday 24th March 2020

 Roly Poly

Imagine rolling a 6 sided dice. The score of your dice is the numbers you can see on each side added together.

What could the highest possible score be?

What could the lowest possible score be?

What number would be face down on the table if you scored 17? 

Now imagine rolling two dice at the same time. They land separately and do not touch. The score of the dice is 30. What numbers could be face down?

Helpful hint - you could make your own dice by drawing the picture below on a piece of paper and cutting it out and sticking together, then writing the numbers on the side. Alternatively, use a dice from a game you have already. 

Monday 23rd March 2020

Mr Walker buys 3 new tracksuits in different colours, all the trendiest of course! 

He can wear a combination of different coloured tracksuit tops and bottoms. He has a red tracksuit, blue tracksuit and a green tracksuit (you could change the colours) using Act It out from Stops Maths! Can you show the different combinations of tracksuits Mr Walker could wear?  

Helpful Hint- start with 1 colour and then add another and another! Can you see a pattern? 

if you finish, why not add extra colours and predict how many different combinations there are! 
You can email a picture to or send your replies via the guest book below. 


Please feel free to sign our guestbook and leave a comment...

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Cavan(about a day ago)

The first question the answer is 5 tripods and 4 bipods second question is 3 tripods and 7 bipods

Alfie(about a day ago)

First combination: 5 tripods 4 bipods Second combination: 3 tripods 7 bipods I did find this very tricky at first, but once I drew the aliens it was much easier

Lily rose(about a day ago)

7 bipods =14 legs 3 tripods =9 legs In total there are 23 legs 10 bipods =20 legs 1 bipods =3 legs

Hollie(about a day ago)

Hi it's hollie there are 5 tripods and 4 bipods

Thomas A-G(a couple of days ago)

my first answer is 10 bipods and 1 tripod and my second answer is 7 tripods and 1 bipod.

cavan(a couple of days ago)

48 ,63

Maisie C(a couple of days ago)

Maisie the detective thinks the numbers are 48 and 63 ???

Lily Rose(a couple of days ago)

the first number dan is thinking of is 48 and the second number dan is thinking of is 63

Lily Rose(a couple of days ago)

There are nine combinations

Mr Poole(a couple of days ago)

Loving the work Year 3 and 4. Keep it up!

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