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Year 3 & 4 English Challenges

Hello and welcome to the English challenges page for years 3  & 4. Everyday, Mr Sell will be doing his best to provide interesting and challenging tasks, so be sure to keep checking the page reguarly for updates. Please feel free to get in touch through the guestbook below or by writing an email to We would also love to see  some pictures of your work by tweeting us @RossingtonStM.


Each week Mr Sell will be putting a spellings doc together with Year 3 & 4 common exception words. Practice these at home at let us know your score in the guestbook below!

Friday 27.03.20

I were practicing my cartwheels yesterday and found that they was really difficult! Hmm, that doesnt sound quite right does it? If only there were some way of practicing how to correclty use was and were.  Maybe completing the tasks attached will help?

Mr Sell

Thursday 26.03.20

Mr Sell decided that it would be a brilliant idea to spring clean his kitchen and empty out all of his cupboards (It turns out that this was a terrible idea). He had to carefully lift out all of his pots and pans, quickly check the use by dates on the jars and gently put everything back again.

Can you write some brilliant sentences that use adverbs? They can be about anything you like, maybe something that you have been upto so far this week?


Cheerfully, I brushed my teeth although I was late for school!

I fell out of bed suddenly because my alarm was so loud.

Wednesday 25.03.20

Mr Sell has been busy in the kitchen baking a rather splendid banana loaf. Luckily, it didn't sink in the middle! This could be because he had a set of simple, easy to follow instructions!

Can you have a go at writing some instructions for Mr Sell? They could be for something else that he could cook, or even an activity that he might enjoy doing instead of marking books. Keep it simple and have no more than 10 steps as he is easily confused. A checklist of features has been attached below to help you out. Good luck!

Tuesday 24.03.20

Mr Sell would like you to go on a scavenger hunt around your house and find 10 random objects. Collect them all together and use them to produce some expanded noun phrases. For example, a long, thin pencil!

STRETCH YOURSELF! Can you put these into a sentence? The long, thin pencil was laying on the table.

STRETCH YOURSELF FURTHER! Can you write a sentence that includes a conjunction? The long, thin pencil was laying on the table because Mr Sell needed to write a letter.

Monday 23.03.20

Mr Sell has been flicking through the pages of his random story generator again. Can you write a short story, of no more than 3 paragraphs, using the image below? Can you include an expanded noun phrase and a fronted adverbial? Good luck!


Please feel free to sign our guestbook and leave a comment...

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Hollie(about a day ago)

Hi its Hollie I know what plural and singular is now. My sentences are. The elephant was huge. We were going to the zoo. Who was at my birthday party? I was telling my mum that my brother was been annoying.

Lola(a couple of days ago)

Lola got 6/6 on her spellings this morning. Thank you for all the activities (and photographs) you are putting on for the children!

Mr Sell(a couple of days ago)

Thank you to everyone who has sent in pictures of their work. Hollie's pizza and Darcie's cake look brilliant! In answer to your question Hollie I am not fussy and will eat just about anything on my pizza, even pineapple! I trust that you have saved me a slice?

Harry(a couple of days ago)

I got 6/6 on today's spelling test.

Alex S(a couple of days ago)

Here are my two best adverb sentences! Yesterday I did Joe Wicks workout energetically! My guinea pigs joyfully played on the grass for the first time this year because it was sunny. Hope you are keeping well Mr Sell!

Darcie(a couple of days ago)

Darcie enjoyed making a cake, we used what ingredients we had, luckily it turned out, will send a picture.

lily rose griffiths(a couple of days ago)

Here are my instructions. How to wash your hands? These instructions will keep your hands healthy. Go to the sink . Turn the hot tap on. Wet your hands using hot water because it kills bacteria. Then use soap to rub(20 seconds) in between your fingers and front and back of your hand so that it is completely covered. Now using the hot water wash of all of the soap off your hands. Last dry your hands using a clean dry hand towel. Now you have a pair of clean hands .

Lily(a couple of days ago)

lily rose did 10 different objects which were pen perfume hairbrush toy cake toothbrush a book body spray colour pencils a water bottle and a t-shirt

Mia w, Poppy w(less than a week ago)

Both got 6/6 for spellings

Tyler(less than a week ago)

Tyler enjoyed finding his objects around the house.

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