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As we break up for the holidays all the Foundation Stage staff just wanted to wish you a safe and happy summer.

Thank you for all your support over the past few months and for all the hard work you have done homeschooling your children.

These have been strange and challenging times but hopefully we will all be back together safely in September and the children

will be their usual brilliant selves and will be just fine.  You will see that we have left some of the links on the webpage in case

there is anything you would like to access over the summer.

Take care and stay safe.

Mrs Stockdale and Mrs Ludbrook.





Here are some challenges for you to do every week:

Phonics (Try to do this every day if you can) - watch with your grown-up so they know how to help you with your phonics.

Read Write Inc. is a scheme that is already familiar to all our children and is something that we use throughout school.

The link attached will direct you to their YouTube channel. On the channel, they are doing LIVE LESSONS and story times at throughout the day, please see the image below for the updated timetable.

These lessons are live and will not be available to re-watch. Set 1 and Set 2 are the ones we have covered in school already, and these are the ones we want to consolidate this year, however your child's teacher will tell you if they feel they are ready to begin learning the Set 3 sounds.

 Click here to ACCESS


Maths - try to watch an episode of Numberblocks every day and talk about what happened with your grown-up.

There may be some specific episodes that we will ask you to watch as they link with our learning, see the Maths daily challenge above.

 Cbeebies Numberblocks

More new maths games have been added on Active Learn:

School code: MXS3


Coconut ordering numbers

Comparing quantities game


Physical Development

You could teach your family the Chicken Dance that we love to do in the classroom!

If you have some play-dough, check out the Spread the Happiness Dough Disco videos - we love to do this at school and it helps with your writing!! 

Playing in your garden is great for developing your muscles, you might have a trampoline or a ball to play with and have some fun!

 Have a go at Andy's Wild Workouts: Andy's Wild Workouts which are great fun to do!

Or if you fancy a dance, have a go at some of these super Disney dance along videos from ThisGirlCan: Thisgirlcan Disney Workouts

 Look for "PE with Joe" at 9am every week day


Creative Arts

We would love to see some of your creations that you have made at home - send them in through your ClassDojo portfolio and we will create a gallery on this page for you to see! Here are some ideas that we would love to see:

  • Paintings
  • Baking or cooking
  • Dough models
  • Pictures made on your iPad/tablet/device
  • Sticking pictures
  • Sculptures
  • Nature art
  • Anything else that you have made!


Useful links and information for online resources - we will keep updating this gradually


Maths games all about odd and even numbers

Parents: for the coconut game, set the range to either odd or even numbers, up to 20.

Coconut Odd or Even Game  


Tricky Words Songs

Please keep practising your tricky words - try to do some every day then you will be amazing at them.

Here are the songs to practise the words you already know, remember you need to read and spell these Phase 2 Tricky Words     Phase 3 Tricky Words

Here are the new words that you are busy learning  Phase 4 tricky words


Oxford Owl

Sign up here for free eBooks and other literacy resources: Oxford Owl


Draw with Rob

Author and illustrator Rob Biddulph will be posting a brand new #DrawWithRob video for you and your kids every Tuesday and Thursday at 10am.

They will all be available permanently as a free resource right here:



Currently offering a free package for parents and educators. There are loads of resources for all year groups.



Great online learning games.


Phonics Play

All games are freely available for a limited period, and work on various levels of phonics.



We use Numberblocks within school to aid with the children’s number knowledge, episodes are available on BBC iPlayer and on YouTube



Great for supporting children learning to blend sounds into words



Great for supporting maths learning


CBeebies iPlayer

We use several programmes which are nicely educational:

We really love:

Maddie’s Do You Know?



Down on the Farm

Andy’s various animal programmes (all good)



We will keep adding new maths games onto your child’s account

School code: MXS3

User details have been given out again this week.


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