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What is Dyscalculia?

Dyscalculia is often misunderstood. Children with dyscalculia are not weak in thier mathematical ability they simply require it to be taught in a different way.


How can I support my child?

  • Use practical resources to help children solve problems and recognise numbers. These dont have to naything fancy you can use object around the home e.g.  cars, pieces of pasta etc.
  • Practice for small amounts of time reguarly, this helps the information enter the long term memory.
  • Play lots of games such as snakes and ladders and dominoes this allows children to bebing to recognise numbers and number patterns.
  • Practice in small steps, dont rush activities the slower your child works the more they will learn.


Programs that we use in school such as Times Table Rockstars, Reflex maths and Activ learn will all help your child develop thier maths skills. These can be accessed at home if you need any more infromation please contact me