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Rossington St Michael’s C of E Primary School

Learning to be the best that we can be with the love of God

Our Christian Values

As a Church of England School, we have very close connections with St. Michael's Church in Rossington. 


Christian Values for Schools

Our Christian Values are at the centre of everything we do at Rossington St Michael's CE Primary School.  They help us to live out our Christian Vision of ‘life in all its fullness’. Each half term, we focus on a different Christian Value. This is done explicitly through our Collective Worship time, but also throughout our curriculum. Children have regular opportunities to reflect on each value and to develop an understanding of the Value in action. Each Friday, in our Celebration Worship, we acknowledge children who have demonstrated these values.

Our children regularly attend St Michael's Church where representatives from the church lead worship to help us to reinforce our understanding of each value as they share stories from the Bible. We also welcome Pastor Eric into our school. He regularly leads collective worships with our Year 5 and 6 children. Children have opportunities to plan, prepare and lead worship for the whole school. 

The Values we explore and strive to live by are:

We reference and thank Shincliffe CE Primary School for making the documents public.  

We believe these values are empowering our pupils to develop their spirituality and guiding them in personal development as effective learners and good citizens.

During the Autumn term we will be revisiting and further exploring the value of Compassion and Endurance.


Compassion is about ‘standing in someone else’s shoes’ when they are having a hard time. In other words, trying to understand how they might be feeling and doing our best to try to help.  Talk together about:

  • How we can show compassion and kindness to one another at home
  • How can you recognise when friends at school need us to listen and act with compassion
  • Stories in the news demonstrating how strangers show compassion in times of natural disasters
  • How nations show compassion to other nations at times of disaster or need by sending money or volunteers to help.


This term we will be focusing in school on the value Endurance.  Teachers often say that perseverance is something that many children find difficult.  Very little that is really worthwhile in life can be achieved without perseverance. An athlete may train for years before they are ready to compete at the highest level. A musician must practice every day, sometimes for hours at a time, if they are to really master their instrument. 

  • How would each family member rate themselves on a scale of 1- 10 at perseverance?
  • Can you give an example of something you have achieved by determined perseverance? 
  • Is there a skill that you think you could improve with perseverance?


In 2021, we are expecting our SIAMs inspection.