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Monday 20th April 2020

Hello Key Stage 1,

We hope you all had a lovely Easter!

For daily challenges and work from now on please see your class teacher's class dojo message and refer to your own class pages. For now, there will be no more daily challenges put up here. You can send your work through to the email address or to make it quicker and easier for your class teacher to see it, send through Class Dojo.

We've loved everyone's responses to the challenges, well done for staying focused.

Shutdown Challenge

Each day a new challenge will be posted. Can you complete it? Could you explain it to a grown up?

Previous challenges can be found below.


  • Could you get a green light on Reflex today?
  • Could you complete two soundchecks on Times Tables Rockstars?
 Shutdown Maths Y1 W2D4.jpgDownload
 Shutdown Maths Y1 W2D3.jpgDownload
 Shutdown Maths Y1 W2D2.jpgDownload
 Shutdown Maths Y1 W2D1.jpgDownload
 Shutdown Maths Y1 W1D5.jpgDownload
 Shutdown Maths Y1 W1D4.jpgDownload
 Shutdown Maths Y1 W1D2.jpgDownload
 Shutdown Maths Y1 W1D3.jpgDownload
 Shutdown Maths Y1W1.jpgDownload
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 Shutdown Maths Y2 W2D4.jpgDownload
 Shutdown Maths Y2 W2D3.jpgDownload
 Shutdown Maths Y2 W2D2.jpgDownload
 Shutdown Maths Y2 W2D1.jpgDownload
 Shutdown Maths Y2 W1D5.jpgDownload
 Shutdown Maths Y2 W1D4.jpgDownload
 Shutdown Maths Y2 W1D2.jpgDownload
 Shutdown Maths Y2 W1D3.jpgDownload
 Shutdown Maths Y2W1.jpgDownload
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Mrs Day(about a year ago)

Lenny, more fantastic maths work. Well done for completing all those challenges. Brilliant!

Mrs Day(about a year ago)

Lenny, great to see you are keeping up with the maths challenges. Well done.

Mrs Dyson(about a year ago)

Wow, some super learning here. I love the way everyone is perservering even when it gets tricky. Remember to log onto Reflex as well. I get an exmail with the children in my class and how well they are doing. I would love to see some more people getting green lights. Well done Isabelle, i am super proud that you are carrying on even when it gets tricky.

Mrs Day(about a year ago)

More great maths work, Lenny. Keep going with the daily challenges.

Isabelle S(about a year ago)

Isabelle has really enjoyed the maths challenges, and tried super hard each day to complete them

Mrs Day(about a year ago)

Well done, Lenny, completing Thursday's challenge. Keep up the great work.

Mr McCurdy(about a year ago)

I am glad you are all enjoying these maths activities. It makes me smile to see all of your hard work!

Mrs Day(about a year ago)

More super work, Lenny. Well done.

Mrs Day(about a year ago)

More great work, Lenny. Well done.

Mrs Day(about a year ago)

Hello Year 1. Mrs Day here. I hope you are all well and enjoying these great daily maths challenges. They will definitely keep your maths brain exercised. Remember you can photograph and share your work with us by tweeting @RossingtonStM or sending an email to Take care everyone.

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