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Hello Year 6.  I hope you had a nice half term and enjoyed the sun.  Below is a suggested timetable for the first week back. Simply click on the blue text to download the documents needed.  SEE, EVEN MR. PORTER HAS NOW MASTERED HYPERLINKING!

Year 6 – Summer 2 Week 1 (Week beginning 1st June)

All the work for this week can be accessed via the links on this page.

Below is a suggested timetable to help you structure the week but you can adapt this to fit to your circumstances.

Click on the blue title of the work which is a Hyperlink to the worksheet/resources needed.



English: Clockwork front cover – First thoughts       Maths questions: Addition

History: History of Time                                                           Maths answers           



English: Time/Clock Mind Map                                            Maths: Decimals

Science: What is blood?                                                            Maths answers

All about blood PDF



English: Clockwork Vocabulary                                            Story: Clockwork – Jackanory Intro

Part 1a

Part 1b

Science: What is blood?                                                             Maths: Subtraction

                                                                                                                  Maths answers


English: Fritz and Karl Comparison                                    Maths: Worded Problems

Art: Can you help Karl?                                                              Maths answers



Maths: Arithmetic Test (expected) including answers on the final page                                   

Maths: Arithmetic Test (greater depth) including answers on the final page

D&T: Make some blood

Week 5. We're still missing you all so so much. Stay safe and support each other. This week, a book review of Stormbreaker as well as designing a front cover (art link from week 3). Science is the circulatory system. We also have our usual arithmetic test for you to work on as well.

Week 4.  Well year 6, this week should have been SATs week! For this week's work, you have reading, a writing task, arithmetic and some physical science (P.E link).

Week 3. May the 4th (force) be with you for the Star Wars fans.  I'm sure you'll use the force to complete this week's Reading, Maths, Science AND Art. Remember, patience with the Art and don't be tempted to turn to the dark side of the force with frustration.  Be calm and peaceful with everyone at home during these strange times.

Week 2 after the Easter holidays.  I hope you all enjoyed the sun last week and stayed safe.  Below are documents with reading comprehension questions (from Stormbreaker), a writing task linked to the book and human skeletons to label.  

I hope you all had a nice Easter Y6. We are missing you a lot! We are adding work onto our pages for you to complete whilst you're at home.

Welcome to 6M

 Class Teacher: Mr McArdle

Teaching Assistant: Mrs N Hughes



Please read the document below that will inform you of the Y6 curriculum and class routines.