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Learning to be the best that we can be with the love of God

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Welcome to 5W's Class Page 

Teacher: Mr Walker 

Teaching Assistant : Mrs Norton


Welcome to our class page! Here you will find all the information about our class including PE days, curriculum information, the importance of reading in our curriculum, class charter and much more information. 

Our Class Charter 

 During the first few days of term, we discussed the things that we would each other to be in order to help us all learn in the best possible environment. The children came up with 'We are...' statements which we wrote on a piece of paper and then signed to say we agree to being these things. This is what the children came up with; 



School Day 

8:40 - School Starts - Fluent in Five maths activity and reading (all children will be read with by an adult at least once per week). 

9:00 - Comprehension - Week A - Cracking Comprehension, Week B - Fluency and content focus. 

9:30 - English 

10:40 - Collective Worship 

10:55 - Break time 

11:20 - Maths - Each Friday we will complete an arithmetic test and a STOPs problem solving task. 

12:30 - Dinner time

1:15pm - Foundation Subjects 


PE - Our PE days are Tuesday and Thursday. Children should bring the correct school PE kit which consists of a plain white t-shirt, dark coloured shorts or jogging bottoms and a plain, dark hoody or sweatshirt. We will be going outside in all weathers so please make sure the children are prepared. 

Reading - We are a reading school. We have lots of lovely books in our class library which span all kinds of fiction and non-fiction. Children are welcome to borrow a book from here and read this for pleasure alongside their banded book. We encourage the rereading of books to improve fluency and understanding and children will be encouraged to reread their banded reading book before swapping it. If your child is taking part in our Read Write Inc phonics programme, they will have a phonetically decodable book which will help them with their fluency and sounding out. Please read this book with them as many times as possible during a week. We will aim to swap these once a week. 

Homework - Homework will be given out on a Monday and will be due back in on the Friday of the same week. If anyone has not completed the homework/handed it in by Friday, they will then be given another copy to complete over the weekend. If the homework is still not handed in by the following Monday then they will need to stay in at break time to complete it. Homework is essential in the children's learning as it allows them to consolidate the skills learnt in the previous week.  Homework will consist of a reading comprehension, spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPaG) activity and My Maths/paper based maths. 


Curriculum Information - Autumn Term 

Maths - A large portion of the learning for this term is consolidating place value knowledge and addition and subtraction which they will have learnt in year 4. Children will also expand their knowledge of multiplication to complete a more formal methods. In maths we strive for children to independently practise their maths work  by completing fluency questions before moving onto 

English - This term our fiction book is The Jamie Drake Equation and our nonfiction book is called Hidden Figures (some of you may have seen the film). Before starting these books, we will be completing some work on a beautifully illustrated book called All Are Welcome. We will be producing promotional leaflets to persuade children moving into the area to come to our school as we welcome everyone regardless of their skin colour, race or ethnicity. When we move onto The Jamie Drake Equation we will be writing non-chronological reports and recounts. 

Geography  - Our focus country for this year is North America. We will be comparing some features of North America and more specifically Florida. The children will learn about the human and physical features, its location on a map, the trade and exports from that area as well as the difference between the Northern and Southern Hemisphere and why lines of latitude and longitude are important. 

History - Throughout our history lessons we will be learning about transport in the local area with a very specific focus on the airport. We will be using historical enquiry and cause and consequence skills t o examine why the airport changed its purpose in the 1990's. 

Science - SPACE!! We will be learning all about space this half term. We will be looking at different planets within our solar system and some famous astronauts. 

Music - Our music lessons will be based around the song 'Living on a prayer' by Bon Jovi. The children will complete an evaluation of the music using important and technical vocabulary. We will use glockenspiels and our bodies to find the pulse and beat within the song /music before we eventually composing a short section ,

RE - The unit we start with in RE is called GOD. In this unit, we will be reading extracts from the bible as well as what other people have said and think the to Build A God. The children will think critically about what the bible says and whether they agree or disagree with it and design a God the represents their thoughts. We use a scheme called Understanding Christianity. 

French - Our french lessons will mainly be verbal lessons were we look at pronunciation and vocabulary for speaking. This half term we will be revisiting some of the core vocabulary that they should have covered in previous years. 

Art  - In art, we will be learning to draw in the style of Italian Renaissance artist Tomasso Guidi (or Masaccio, his nickname meaning fat and untidy). We will start by looking at his pieces of work and discussing it by annotating things we can see, the colours and the emotions that they evoke. Masaccio uses perspective to make his paintings come alive. 

DT - Our DT curriculum for this term is all about food. We will be designing our own ideas about a recipe and attempting to make the recipe by following instructions. After we have made our recipes, we will evaluate what went well and whether we have met the brief that we will share with children later this term. All things Design Technology should have a purpose and we follow a 'something, for someone, for some purpose' approach. 

Computing - In computing we will be using the computers to investigate appropriate and safe ways to search for information. This includes how to find information in the most efficient way and then we will use Espresso to help us build a website about the people we have researched. The people we will be researching are Helen Charman (not only was she the first British astronaut but she was the first female astronaut as well) and Mae Jemison (the first black female astronaut). We will also be covering lots of esafety lessons to help keep the children safe online and should they come into some difficulty then they will know what to do. For the latest information about esafety see our esafety newsletter sent out. Please also note that any concerns or issues regarding esafety at home, please contact us via Dojo to keep us informed. 

PSHE - During PSHE, we will not only cover additional esafety to our computing curriculum but also the first unit of our Jigsaw scheme 'All About Me'. 

PE  - In PE we will learning to play hockey and trying to improve our personal best in some fitness challenges.