Learning to be the best that we can be with the love of God

Year 3/4S 

Welcome to our class page.  We are a mix of year 3 and year 4 children who all love learning.

We are taught by Mrs Stockdale.  The class is also supported by Mrs Atherton, Mrs Green, Mrs Bell and Miss Leivers at different times throughout the week.


This term our topic is 'Invaders'.  We are learning about the Romans and the Vikings and how they changed Britain whilst they were here.  We are learning about the Romans first and we have already enjoyed a great trip to Doncaster Museum.  We spent a full day learning about the Roman invasion and about life for Romans living in Britain. We played Roman games, made mosaics and tried on Roman clothing.  In the afternoon we became archaeologists studying artefacts and trawling through 'poo' samples to find evidence of what a Roman may have eaten - this was definitely our favourite part of the day!  After October half term we will study the Vikings in a similar way.


In English this term we will be developing our reading comprehension skills using the Cracking Comprehension Programme.  This helps children to learn strategies they might use when answering comprehension questions.

In  writing we have already looked at some of the many different forms of poetry.  We have chosen our favourite poems - some of us were brave enough to read them out to the class - and we have considered questions such as 'Do all poems have to rhyme?'. We then wrote our own poems all about summer.  We are now busy learning how to write a recount and next we will study the features of narrative writing and write our own stories.  Whilst exploring all these styles of writing we will be learning how to improve our work by including all the grammar and spelling work that we are practising every week.


In maths we are currently doing a lot of work on place value and also revising our skills in using the four operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  We are also having a really big push on learning our times tables.


More information about our class can be found in the Powerpoint presentation shown at the parents meeting.  Click here to view the presentation.